Melanoma Manicure

There’s a serious lack of skin cancer awareness within the BIPOC community. Why? Because for Caucasian people, skin cancer symptoms show up on their skin, but for people of colour, symptoms of melanoma show up on unexposed areas of the body, like their nails. 

So to get the BIPOC community to start checking out their nails for skin cancer, 21 Grams and Black and Brown Skin tapped into an industry they already love - the nail industry. By creating the newest trend in nails, The Melanoma Manicure, we exposed the symptoms of skin cancer to the community that needs it most. 

Team: Bethany Garrad (CW)

2021 ADCC Awards Student Competition Gold Winner

2021 Communication Arts - Winner - Annual 62

2021 SIA Summit International Awards - Bronze - Student Campaign Entry

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